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Our Vision.


Since 1993, here at Lonesome Dove Concrete Pumping, our goal has been to provide superior customer service.  When our customers are pumping concrete, we strive to make the process smooth and easy. We are a full-service concrete pumping company with a wide range of experience and equipment to pump any job from grout pumping to boom pumping over 170 feet high.  We also have a TB130 with a 130 foot telescopic conveyor belt that can move huge amounts of aggregate in a fraction of the time that other equipment can place material.

Small enough to know our customers on a more

personal basis, we believe in quality performance and service.


Our fleet at Lonesome Dove includes more than 20 pumps serving the Montana, Colorado, Idaho and  Wyoming areas.  


Our pump fleet includes the following:


28 meter Z boom          89' vertical reach /  78' horizontal reach

32 meter R boom        103' vertical reach /  91' horizontal reach

36 meter Z boom        117' vertical reach / 105' horizontal reach

36 meter R boom        117' vertical reach / 105' horizontal reach

39 meter Z boom        125' vertical reach / 110' horizontal reach

43 meter R boom        138' vertical reach / 125' horizontal reach

47 meter Z boom        151' vertical reach / 138' horizontal reach

52 meter Z boom        169' vertical reach / 157' horizontal reach

58 meter Z boom        188' vertical reach / 174' horizontal reach

TB130 Telebelt            130' telescoping boom

Save yourself some backbreaking labor with a concrete pump!  Have a wall that's just too difficult for the mixers to get to?  An unreachable footing?  A patio behind a finished home?  We can help!


We have pumps throughout Montana, southern Colorado, and eastern Idaho.

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